PTA Board 2017-2018

Krystle Altenbach
Manages the daily operations of the PTA as well as oversees all activities sponsored by the PTA

Executive Vice President
Sergio Loza
Works with President to manage the operation of the PTA, runs meetings when President is unavailable

1st Vice President- Ways & Means Chair
Heidi Woodward
Coordinates Jog-A-Thon and other fundraisers

2nd Vice President- Legislative Chair
Jennifer Hostetler
Responsible for keeping assembly and school informed of current and or pending legislation affecting both PTA and children.

Recording Secretary
Jessica Draper
Takes the minutes at every meeting and reports them to assembly and school

Star Castro
Responsible for management of all of the finances of the PTA

Financial Secretary
Vanessa Anderson
Responsible for ensuring proper financial procedures are followed

Nathalie “Jamy” Holguin
Responsible for maintaining records & logs volunteer hours

Carrie Domene
Responsible for auditing the PTA’s books and records.

Farrah Northcott
Responsible for ensuring proper parliamentry procedures are followed.

Correspondence Secretary
Brandie Liefer
Responsible for creating all Correspondence.


Membership Chairman
Jennifer Hostetler
Responsible for annual PTA membership and collection of dues

Room Parent Coordinator
Laura Bowen
Coordinates volunteers for all PTA activiities

Reflections Chairperson
Drew Bittel

Coordinates yearbook production

Rosie’s Funky Friday Chairperson
Andy Smith

Al Holguin
Responsible for this website.